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  • gestockte Ahornschale / spalted maple bowl

Wooden Bowls

spalted maple bowl turned in Januar 2015


Spalted maple bowl. This was my first bowl finished with the new Glenn Lucas woodturning tools. They worked very well. Cleaning the bottom with the negative rake scraper worked really well.



Small shallow walnut bowl. 



Small walnut bowl today. I am happy with the results. My biggest problem is getting a perfect surface on the inside of the bowl. 



My first attempt at a natural edge, end grain bowl/plate. It was quite a challenge because when turning the outer edge you are consulate changing between cutting air and wood. I need more practice to get good at that. I am, however, quite happy with the results for now. It is 35cm wide.

This is the first object from an oak beam I got from Paul Palinek at Baum Satori....Thanks!

Measurements: 17x6cm

Cherry Bowl

Measurements: 20,5x5,5cm

Cherry Bowl

Measurements: 23x4,5cm

Walnut Bowl, also from the local tree


Measurements: 24x5,5cm

The tree from which I turned this bowl is from just down the street from where we live. It had to be cut down to make space for new houses. 


Measurements: 24,5x11cm.

I got this nice piece of Ash as a practice blank from one of Germany's top young woodturners and multi-talent, Franz Keilhofer. Thanks Franz, I hope you like it!


Measurements: 20x12m.

This pretty little bowl is made of pheasant wood imported by the guys over at Canophera. They are helping the environment and delivering an amazing wood at the same time. 

Measurements: ca. 19cmx6cm

Spalted Beech: the blank was given to me by from Franz Keilhofer

Measurements: 20x9cm

Oak Bowls I made for "Project Sonne"


ca. 18x5cm

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Welcome to Der Woodsmith. My name is Brian Smith and I am a hobby woodturner living in southern Germany. This page shows you some of the work I have performed or am currently working on.


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