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  • gestockte Ahornschale / spalted maple bowl
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"Der Woodsmith"...

I am an American from Rockland Massachusetts, a small town about 30 minutes south of Boston. I have been living in Balingen Germany at the foot of the Swabian Alb since 1995. After 20 years I am proud to call myself a "Schwami"; a Swabian American. In 2012 I discovered the art of woodturning as a hobby and have been hooked ever since. Der Woodsmith is a mix of that; a wood loving, german speaking, woodturner. I do not turn wood to make money but rather to see what the wood holds inside and to continually improve my technique and a way to relax after work and on weekends. Sometime I turn a lot and sometimes a little, some of the objects are good and others less. On the pages here I want to share my passion for woodturning with friends, family and whoever might be interested. I may at some point sell a few objects which are left over. Most things are made as gifts for people we know or strangers we might meet.

Der WoodsMith...


Welcome to Der Woodsmith. My name is Brian Smith and I am a hobby woodturner living in southern Germany. This page shows you some of the work I have performed or am currently working on.


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